You must be running Mozilla 1.0 or better to perform this installation. It should work on Windows, Mac OS X (caveat) , and Linux.

Don't have Mozilla? Get it here for Windows (more info/other platforms)

Step 1 - Install JSLib

Install the support library JSLib (Feb 06 '03). JSLib provides installed packages with a set of libraries for manipulating the file system. (trouble installing, go here)

Step 2 - Install uzReview

Using Mozilla, click the link to install: uzReview 0.7.1. (trouble installing, download and open in mozilla)

Restart mozilla and access via Window -> uzReview, or F8.

Feel free to contact Andy by email, aim:roadandyed, or msn:andyedmo if you have difficulties or suggestions.


Heuristic Review is a process for expert review of web/software usability. uzReview is a Mozilla sidebar designed to facilitate this process. It supports the logging of heuristics against a URL or a keyword. The keyword facility is designed to allow the review of processes or workflows. Additionally, there's a rich text editor which supports drag and drop of content from the browsed pages for comments, ui improvements, etc.

A diagram of the task model/ui flow is available.


* Auto-logging of URL in view
* Tag heuristic sequences by keyword for workflows
* Add notes to your heuristic rating
* Drag and drop pernicious HTML into the examples WYSIWIG editor
* Configurable heuristics, stored in XML

Current Status

Fully functional release. Check out the documentation from CVS.

Visit the currently open bugs or the top of the Bug Tracking system for known issues.

Screenshots of uzReview: A poster describing the system (gif, 765k) is also available.
Edmonds, K. A., Stephenson, A., Ashmore, M. (2003). A Tool for Expert Evaluation of Web-sites. Poster presented at the Hypertext 2003 Conference, Nottingham UK, August 26-30.

You can provide feedback on this tool on the user maling list or through our public bug tracking system.

References on Heuristic Review

This project owes a debt of inspiration to Yin Leng Theng, Norliza Mohd-Nasir, Harold Thimbleby. A usability tool for web evaluation applied to digital library design . WWW9.

Version History

Technical Details

uzReview stores heuristic definitions and project files in your Mozilla application directory. All storage is done in .xml files.

uzReview uses Mozilla's XML de/serializer and XPath, as well as as basic XML DOM walking and getElementsByTagName to interact with XML. Synchronization with browsing uses an XPCOM progress listener interface, providing complete details about downloaded content.

uzReview is open source, licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). Portions of the uzReview code are Copyright 2003, Uzilla, LLC.

The uzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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