Preview Release v0.8.3

* Drag and drop sorting
* Dynamic number of target categories
* Export to .xls of similarity matrix
* Rudimentary data exploration
** Non-hierarchical cluster analysis
* New project configuration
* OPen and closed sorts
* Configuration and data storage in XML

Known issues:
* User can drag label to category name
Visit the Bug Tracking system for more known issues and development plans.


You must be running Mozilla 1.0 or better to perform this installation. It should work on Windows, Mac OS X (caveat) , and Linux.

Don't have Mozilla? Get it here for Windows (more info/other platforms)

Step 1 - Install JSLib

Install the support library JSLib (Feb 06 '03). JSLib provides installed packages with a set of libraries for manipulating the file system.

Step 2 - Install uzCardSort

Install the support library uzCardSort 0.8.3. This release has been verified on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Restart mozilla and enter chrome://uzcardsort/content/index.xul in the url bar to run.

Feel free to contact Andy by email, aim:roadandyed, or msn:andyedmo if you have difficulties or suggestions.


Card Sorting is a methodology for assessing mental/conceptual models by asking users to categorize a list of terms. uzCardSort is an open source, MPL licensed, Mozilla based tool for conducting and analyzing card sorts. It runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions of Mozilla and in other Gecko runtimes supporting XPInstall (sorry, no Camino). Install Process

Current Status

The system supports the creation, editing, and running of projects. Users use standard drag and drop to move options between a source container and a specified set of destination containers. Depending upon configuration, user's may add new target containers. For closed sorts, the ability to add new containers and rename target containers may be disabled. Hierarchical sorting is not supported.

Exploratory analysis and a rudimentary clustering algorithm are in place. The system produces a grouping from a non-hierarchical cluster anlaysis and exports a tab-delimited similarity matrix. The 1.0 version will feature a full hiearchical analysis and hopefully a Flash based dendogram.

An upcoming release will feature a detail panel for adding long notes to each item (bug 4972).

Analysis is the key area left to develop. Rudimentary data browsing is available but the dendrogram, matrix, and hiearchy views are not yet complete. We are considering converting results to a format compatible with IBM's EZ Sort analysis program and are seeking a sample data file configured for cluster analysis in SAS or SPSS. Email

Current Screenshots of uzCartSort:

You can provide feedback on this tool on the mailing list or through our public bug tracking system. View the open bugs for uzCardSort.

Other Card Sort Tools

Several tools already exist to accomplish this function:

Technical Details

uzCardSort stores configurations and data files in your Mozilla application directory. All storage is done in .xml files.

uzCardSort is open source, licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Change Log

The uzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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