What's New
  • 27.02.04 Obzerver project begun in collaboration with Craig Soules at CMU. This system will fuel the A day in the life study, tracking methods of url acquisition, and visit frequencies as well as Craig's dissertation.
  • 09.04.03 First major release of uzReview, v0.7
  • 08.26.03 uzReview debuted at Hypertext 2003 in Nottingham, UK.
  • 05.22.03 Screenshot capability coming.
  • 3.23.03 Uzilla Card Sort Preview Release 0.7
  • 03.01.03 Uzilla Card Sort checkins begin
  • 10.15.02 Usability Testing Suite 1.0 Announced. PR.


uzReview is an open source tool for heuristic review. It supports annotation of websites for logging notable usability weaknesses and strengths. Details...


uzCardSort is an open source tool for conducting card sorts with a Mozilla browser. It supports the design of a card sorting task, conducting the task with drag and drop, and merging and reporting on the results. Details...

In Development



Corporate Product: (closed source) offers a new way to conduct usability tests of websites and web applications. Uzilla is based on two components, a customized web browser that logs user activity and a internet based data collection and aggregation server. is a commercial product (© Uzilla LLC) and is not licensed under the MPL. Features include:

Visit the Uzilla Site or skip straight to the walkthrough.

The uzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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